Biography for Saman Genshin

Saman has worked in traditional darkroom-based photographic processes over the last 12 years with an emphasis on exploiting the properties of materials to express both narrative and abstraction.  The images are intuitively taken from life around him.  His processes require months, and sometimes years, of working with various printed renditions of an exposed negative until renders the image in its final form.  He has recently emerged from a 7-year period of intense work honing his vision and craft.

Saman has exhibited in various juried shows, most recently in April of 2017 at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.  Jurors for his shows have included photographer Debbie Flemming Caffrey, National Portrait Gallery Assistant Curator of Photography Frank Goodyear Onward and American University Katzen Art Center Director Jack Rasmussen.

Saman is based in New York City.  His mentor and teacher is the renowned printer and chemigram artist Chuck Kelton. 

His artistic life began in performance, with the adaptation of short stories to a live setting.  During this time Saman studied visual story telling under mime master Tony Montanaro, who was a post-war disciple of mime giants Étienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau.  In the late 1990s, Saman began film and video production and went on to direct and produce short films and documentaries on music, musicians and their endeavors.